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Create your first application on the Flipper Zero

Introduction to the development of applications on the Flipper Zero.

Introduction to testing ESP32 code with Pytest

How to test your ESP32 code with Pytest

Mode d'endormissement de l'ESP32

Dans cet article, je vais vous introduire les différents modes d’endormissement de l’ESP32. Des exemple de code vous permettront de testé et de prendre en main ces différents mode facilement.

Introduction to embedded Rust

How can Rust be leveraged to make better connected toasters

Exotic Microcontrollers: Parallax Propeller P8X32A

Introduction of the Parallax Propeller 1 (P8X32A), a not well known micro-controller featuring 8 symetric cores.

Launching the Gistre blog

Explaining the GISTRE Blog, why it exists the whereabout and more.